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Most of the Business in UAE relies on the internet to communicate or fulfill their business tasks. An Efficient internet or a communication network is established only after a strong IT Infrastructure has been formed. In addition to this notion business application need to be constantly supported by an IT Infrastructure system.

Smart Secure Infotech provide composite hardware, software, Network resources and services required for the existence operation and management of enterprise IT environment including cabling management IT & AV solutions. We are well staffed with highly trained engineers who design and implement IT infrastructure as per customer requirements. We provide expert solutions and services that help you to streamline your IT infrastructure as per custom requirements.



Network Infrastructure Solutions

As the need for improved data transmission rates continues to strain traditional networks, more businesses are turning to optical fiber Smart Secure Infotech provide Planning, design, implementation and management of multi-vendor and multi-platform LAN/WAN infrastructures, as well as internal and external wireless networks.

Data Centre Management Solution

Infrastructure management relies heavily on information. This information must be complete, accurate, have audit capability, and provide an integration layer in order for any maintenance management solution to be viable. Smart Secure Infotech can make sense of this information, and can provide complete and integrated operational maintenance management for data center facilities and the related support infrastructure


Storage Solution & Backup Solution

Smart Secure Infotech offers you cutting-edge backup and storage solutions, ranging from Network Attached Storage (NAS) to Storage Area Networks (SANs) and cloud storage. As a storage solution provider, we have the best IT infrastructure in Dubai to support physical and virtual environments, helping you recover anytime anywhere from a natural or manmade disaster.

Routing and Switching

Routing and Switching is a key feature of the internet as it enables messages to pass from one computer to another in order to reach the target machine. Routing is a process to forward packets to destination networks and it operates in different layers. Routing is usually performed by a dedicated device called router. Switching is the process used by a router to accept a packet on one interface and forward it out to another interface.
Smart Secure Infotech provides the best routers and switches to various offices, schools and big businesses to meet there required network infrastructure for their proper functionality.


Network Virtualization

Virtualization is the ability to simulate a hardware platform, such as a server, storage device or network resource, in software. All of the functionality is separated from the hardware and simulated as a “virtual instance,” with the ability to operate just like the traditional, hardware solution would. In addition, a single hardware platform can be used to support multiple virtual devices or machines, which are easy to spin up or down as needed. As a result, a virtualized solution is typically much more portable, scalable and cost-effective than a traditional hardware-based solution. With Smart Secure Infotech, companies can take advantage of the efficiencies and agility of software-based compute and storage resources by virtualization.

Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which provides a comprehensive networking and telecommunications infrastructure. This infrastructure serves a wide range of uses, such as to provide telephone service or transmit data through a computer network. It should not be device dependent.

Smart Secure Infotech Structured cabling installations include: entrance facilities; vertical and horizontal backbone pathways; vertical and horizontal backbone cables; horizontal pathways; horizontal cables; work area outlets; equipment rooms; telecommunications closets; cross-connect facilities; multi-user telecommunications outlet assemblies (MUTOA); transition points; and consolidation points.